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Posted on Nov 17, 2015 in Other News

NASBO principal, Roger McManus, on amending USC 47:230 (CDA)

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  1. This is exactly true.
    I had all 5 star reviews on Yelp that are now not recommended at the bottom of my page on yelp in Denver under Carpet Depot.
    Only one review remains, a 2 star review. I was contacted by yelp for advertising shortly after this review was posted.After refusing their service all good reviews were placed under not recommended and only the lower 2 star review shows up.
    I refuse to be blackmailed and extorted by Yelp.Today I called the Customer Erica D.who left the 2 star review.
    I offered her a full Refund for her Carpet-Pad-and Installation upon the removal of the review.She was over-whelmed by the offer and agreed to remove the review.

    I am curious
    to see if Yelp will allow her to remove her review,the only negative review I have received,(The one they are trying to use as an extortion Tool) and also if the good reviews are re instated.Customers have a right to their opinion,but I will not be extorted by Yelp.I filed a complaint with the BBB Yesterday, so I am curios to see how Yelp reacts to this situation once the review is removed,if they remove it.
    This kind of Corporate abuse must be stopped in the U.S.

    Wendell Pennington
    Owner Carpet Depot
    4605 Quebec St B9
    Denver Co 80216

  2. Oh My..
    I hope the truth finally gets told
    They hide reviews allow people to post that haven’t even been to my business. Blocked me from my own business page
    They are a SCAM!

  3. You and thousands of businesses are not alone. Watch the trailer of the upcoming Billion Dollar Bully documentry which is now in production.

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